Chris Saulit

Software Architect



Can drive complex projects to completion. Frequently the go-to guy for mission criticial and challenging projects.


Great track record of exploring and applying new technologies. Well-suited for application architect, technical lead, or principal developer roles.


Over 20 years Information Technology experience. Ten years as an independent consultant. Ten years Oracle Applications e-Business Suite experience.


  • Oracle
  • PL/SQL
  • Oracle Forms
  • MySQL
  • Perl
  • Javascript
  • JSON, XML and SOAP
  • Unix/Solaris
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X


Zhone Technologies, Inc.

Business Applications Manager

July 2005 - present

Oakland, California

Designed and developed various web-based applications to support mission critical shop floor manufacturing operations. Many of these utilized AJAX capability for performance and an enriched user experience. This included an innovative mobile warehouse management solution, utilizing web applications on iPod Touch devices with bluetooth laser barcode scanners.

Architected, developed and implemented a shop floor Data Collection and Manufacturing Execution system to replace an aging non-scalable legacy system. This included a unique backwards compatible solution that allowed hundreds of existing test stations on the shop floor to integrate with a new data collection system without requiring code changes. This was achieved via a C-based replacement module (.dll) that integrated with a new HTTP based web service layer.

Direct hands on experience migrating Zhone’s Largo, Florida manufacturing facility shop floor from JD Edwards to Oracle E-Business Suite, primarily around the Shipping and Manufacturing/Work-in-Process modules.

Oracle Corporation

Applications Architect

Dec 2001 - Jul 2005

Redwood Shores, California

Designed the architectural foundation and data model of Oracle Utility Billing, which contains several large components such as site management, customer account management, charge management, cycle/billing operations as well as the core billing engine. The product integrates with various Oracle Applications foundation products such as Trading Community Architecture (TCA), Install Base, Service, Inventory and Advanced Pricing, while still maintaining an industry-specific vertical focused user interface and feature set.

Responsible for supervising two technical consultants and overseeing development of the billing engine core. Key technical liaison for Oracle Consulting with their engagement with the City of Philadelphia for implementation of this new product.

Prior to OUB, served as Applications Architect on the Trading Community Architecture (TCA) team. During this time, designed several key features including third-party Address Validation service foundation, Global Name and Address Formatting, and Data Sharing and Security. (K-Mart)

Senior Applications Engineer

Apr 2001 - Oct 2001

San Francisco, California

Development manager on an enhanced fraud screening addition to Oracle Order Entry (11.0.3). This included scoping, project planning, technical design, overseeing two developers, and performing some coding. The module included both PL/SQL and Java components. Also primary developer for the custom subsystem to handle the processing of customer returns.

Senior Oracle Engineer

Dec 2000 - Mar 2001

San Francisco, California

Responsible for the fully customized Order Management (11i) based workflows. Included analysis, design and development of the workflows to support Parachute’s unique order processing model. Designed and developed a Java-based XML-RPC HTTP Servlet that accepted order information over the web and interfaced with Parachute’s Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) to submit the order to Oracle’s Order Management product.

Oracle Corporation (Applications Division)

Technical Consultant (independent contractor)

Jan 1999 - Mar 2000

Redwood Shores, California

Wrote the high level design for the Contracts Authoring module, one of the largest components of the new Oracle Contracts 11i product. Led a development team in the design and development of a number of key system functions. Also oversaw approximately fifteen application developers as a User Interface (UI) design lead.

Kellogg Company

Technical Consultant (independent contractor)

Jan-Sep 1995; Aug 1996 - Nov 2000

Battle Creek, Michigan; Burlingame, California plus various global locations

Initial engagement as a Business Information Analyst to work on a large scale Order Management project ($53 million USD) for Kellogg’s. Worked with key user representatives and gathered requirements, facilitated JRP (Joint Requirements Planning) sessions, and developed data models (Entity Relationship Diagrams) in Oracle CASE 5.1.

Subsequent long-term engagement as a technical consultant for Kellogg’s new Global Product Reference System (GPRS). GPRS is designed to contain the complete definition of products that Kellogg’s develops, manufactures, and sells as well as managing complete manufacturing process details.

Designed and developed the Oracle Designer (CASE) templates for forms and reports generation. These templates provided the system with a rich set of features including row-level security, language, and regional data filtering.

Designed and developed a complex PL/SQL-based near-real-time interface between the GPRS system and GEMMS, an integrated manufacturing software package now part of Oracle’s e-Business suite and known as OPM (Oracle Process Manufacturing). The interface covered product/item and process data.

Oracle Corporation (Consulting Division)

Technical Consultant (independent contractor)

Nov 1995 - Jan 1996

Sacramento, California

Responsible for the full lifecycle development of the Inventory and Accident Analysis components of a transportation information system (TASAS) for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), while supervising two designers and five developers.

Created Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs), defined functional modules and designed physical database. Maintained high metadata quality in the CASE repository to maximize the benefits of forms generation from the tool while minimizing post-generation cleanup work necessary.

Redesigned many of the shipped Oracle Designer/2000 CASE repository reports in order to provide higher quality deliverables to the client.

Blue Cross Atlantic Canada

Technical Consultant (independent contractor)

Apr 1994 - Jan 1995

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Provided consulting services for a Medicare Claims Assessment project for the province of New Brunswick, which involved a real-time medicare claim submission and adjudication system, in a client-server configuration, over a TCP/IP network.

Worked with key user representatives to define functional requirements. Developed the initial conceptual (strategic) data model for his responsible areas, using Oracle CASE 5.1. Worked on the CASE generation of a prototype subsystem to demonstrate code generation (Forms 4.0) in order to establish presentation standards and guidelines for the developers to follow.

Alberta Health

Technical Consultant (independent contractor)

Feb 1993 - Feb 1994

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Developed various online functions to maintain components of the Health Services Catalog, using NATURAL 2.2 and DB2 technology. Developed the Schedule of Benefits batch programs, an exhaustive publication quality set of reports detailing all medical procedures and rates. Performed detailed redesign and development of the Letters Processing subsystem, which uses letter templates to generate various types of letters to patients and service providers.

AGT Ltd. (now known as Telus)

Technical Consultant (independent contractor)

May - Dec 1992

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Designed and developed a mobile phone inventory system utilizing NATURAL 2.1 and DB2 technology. Performed major enhancement to the Voice Equipment Inventory subsystem. Developed the Voice Services chargeback process. Key participant in the full lifecycle of an Order Entry and Processing Component, as well as being responsible for its development.

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

Technical Consultant (independent contractor)

Feb - Dec 1990

Richmond, Virginia

Design and development of the complex core Roadway Inventory Subsystem of an extensive highway traffic information system overall consisting of over 100 NATURAL 2.1 program modules. Provided technical and application assistance to team members responsible for the other subsystems.

Alberta Government

Student Internship plus contract work through KAO Systems Group

Summers 1983 - 1987; Oct 1988 - Dec 1989

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Analysis, design and development of a new Enrollments subsystem for a government subsidiary program for Alberta Agriculture using ADABAS and NATURAL 2.1 technology. Performed numerous enhancements to the Corporate Income Tax Administration System (CITAS) for the Alberta Treasury, using ADABAS, NATURAL 2.1, and COBOL.


University of Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

1982 - 1987: Faculty of Science, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Computing Science

Course equivalence to a 4-year U.S. undergraduate (bachelor) degree.

Chris Saulit — — 510.289.1883